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Facilities and Accomodation (Look at our outdoor play section to see photos of our garden)

 The baby room is a warm bright, stimulating homely environment where the children from 0-1 years are cared for, nurtured and made to feel emotionally secure. Each day is very much a child led day where particular attention is paid towards children’s individual patterns of feeding and sleeping. All children are encouraged in their physical and mental development so they begin to reach the early milestones of sitting up, crawling, walking, beginning to feed themselves, and babbling, the sign of early language. During their time in this room the children will be introduced to creative and messy activities with paint, play dough, water and sand and will be given every opportunity to explore their environment, socialise, share and make friends. These opportunities allow the children to expand their skills and further their development through stimulating challenges and fun learning experiences.

The toddler room is fun and lively with new experiences being introduced on a daily basis. At this stage the children are becoming more independent and staff will gradually lead them into a slightly more structured environment where activities are planned to enhance children’s skills and give them a greater knowledge of the world around them

The 2-3 area is a again a bright spacious environment with suitable resources to ensure well balanced provision. Staff  will encourage children to enjoy simple experiences and activities relevant to each developmental stage. Children will develop and learn through play and participate in music, dance, storytelling, climbing and painting. Staff will provide lots of opportunities for social and challenging interaction.


The 3-5 area will support children and prepare them to develop skills for going to school. They will be provided with activities based on Curriculum for Excellence, Scotland’s National Curriculum. Staff will observe, assess and record each child’s individual development and progress, based on learning opportunities through play. Children will take part in circle time, group times, drama, role play, art and craft experiences and projects, growing, baking, storytelling, puppets, outdoor play, den building and outings to the woods and local area.


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