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A typical day at Wellside Kindergarten


Daily Routine A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities. The routines will vary between each room in the nursery but throughout the day all children will have access to a wide range of both planned and unplanned activities. Routines will include meal and snack times, outdoor play, sleep and rest periods, outings and visitors to the nursery. Activities are planned in line with Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to Three National Guidance.


Sleep RoomThe nursery offers a separate sleep room away from the hustle and bustle of the nursery. The room is both serene and cosy to maximize the length of time the children rest. It has a mix of wooden cots and travel cots to suit the individual needs of babies and toddlers. Each child has their own set of bedding that is laundered by the nursery. The room is monitored regularly. Each child has their own bedding and their sleep requirements (e.g. times, comforters, how they prefer to be gently encouraged to sleep and staff will feed back on a daily basis to parents about sleep patterns. Mats are available for older children who require a rest during the day. Many of the 2-3 children have a sleep/rest after their lunch and older children have rest periods built into their daily routine, for example, story time/quiet time. Preference will be discussed with individual parents.


Meal TimesWellside Kindergarten is committed to encouraging young children to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. At mealtimes and snack time our children sit and eat together. They learn necessary skills for social eating, how to use cutlery, share food and are encouraged to try new things. Our staff take part in mealtimes and chat with the children, helping them to differentiate between healthy and not so healthy, foods. The nursery provides healthy snacks mid-morning and mid -afternoon. Milk and water are offered at mealtimes and water is available throughout the day for all children. Children are encouraged to help prepare the snacks. By becoming involved, they are more likely to taste new foods and quickly begin to recognise different fruit, vegetables and food items.

 We use a a company called Healthy Tots who supply hot meals to many nurseries throughout the area. Healthy Tots specialises in providing delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to private nurseries in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Central Belt. They use the latest thermal food transportation equipment to ensure the food is hot and ready to serve and delivered at a time to suit the nurseries needs. All their menus are in compliance with the Government guideline "Setting the table" and all meals are prepared daily to ensure maximum freshness and taste. If the children are on an outing or taking part in Forest School activities that require them to be away over lunchtime we will work with Healthy Tots to provide a suitable packed lunch.

The hot lunch will cost £1.50 per day. Parents will need to 'opt in' for the purchased meal, we will not have the facility for changing daily. The cost of meals will be added to the monthly invoice

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