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Wellside Kindergarten have now achieved 2 ECO Schools Scotland Green Flag Awards.

Our ECO work is embedded in day to day practice and we can see that the children are becoming responsible citizens and have a good understanding about what we need to do to help our planet.

Extract from our ECO inspector (First Green Award)

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the centre especially talking to the very knowledgable and enthusiastic children.

It was clear from the start that there was a strong committment to the ECO programme and that the ECO intentions were evident throughout the nursery and garden. You work hard to keep your parents informed about all your ECO work and encourage them to make contributions where possible. Biodiversity is clealy high on the agenda and the wildlife garden has features to attract many different species. The children from the ECO committee explained that they were growing vegetables and plants in the ECO greenhouse and it is good to hear they are making good use of their own compost. The ECO work clearly links to the curriculum and it was evident that the children played a key role. We could clearly see the evidence from floor books, photographs, profiles and displays. We saw evidence of recycling charts, energy monitors and bird spotting charts. Children were making good use of the recycling bins and had a good understanding about the effects of litter on the environment.

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