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We believe in working together

All parents and carers are equally valued as part of our nursery community. Children’s learning is improved when we work in partnership with their parents or carers, and their wider family. We therefore believe in close co-operation with all families, and in regular consultation between home and nursery.

Our aims through parental involvement are:

  • to enhance the learning experiences of all children;
  • to encourage parents and carers to be involved in the children’s learning;
  • to provide a partnership between home and nursery, seeking to ensure those families feel welcome and valued;
  • to ensure that maximum use is made of all these adults’ skills to enrich learning opportunities.

Involvement in Children’s Learning

Parents and carers can talk to the staff and child’s keyworker while dropping off and picking up, on an informal basis on most days. On a daily basis staff will feedback about the child’s day.

Appointments to meet with the keyworker can be made at any suitable time. Parents are encouraged to take home the Learning Journeys and any contributions about home life and learning can be added. Parents are encouraged to share this experience and achievements with their children. All parents will be asked to make an appointment with the keyworker at set times throughout the year to discuss progress and development. Parents of pre-school children will be asked to attend a meeting in May/June to discuss and make comment on the transition report for school. Keyworkers value these opportunities to celebrate successes, review learning and listen to parents' views.

At least once a year a formal parents’ open evening will be organised to view resources, displays, planning and learning opportunities. This also creates a social opportunity for parents to meet. On this occasion parents will be asked to take part in consultation to assist the nursery with their self-evaluation and identify both strengths and areas for development. At this event parents have opportunities to view policy documents, national documentation and initiatives. Families are invited to regular events, activities and celebrations that are organised by the nursery. These occasions provide an opportunity to celebrate success.

Regular newsletter, mailshots and information will be sent home to parents, mostly be email, but parents can request a paper copy if necessary. Homelinks are shared with parents, detailing aspects of learning and suggestions of how parents might support this at home.

Sheets detailing care aspects such as sleeping, eating, toileting are sent home, on a daily basis to parents whose children attend the baby, toddler and 2-3 area.

Parents can view written information on display boards throughout the nursery.


The nursery will make every effort to consult parents and carers, both formally and informally about their views on nursery life, children’s learning and initiatives. The nursery values regular feedback and will make every effort to act on parents’ and carers' views wherever possible. Periodically the nursery will seek parental views more formally, through a survey or a questionnaire. The results of these reviews will be shared with parents through newsletters.

The nursery will publish and distribute its Annual Standards and Quality report in August each year. This is in line with our Partnership agreement with Falkirk Council. After any inspection parents and carers will receive a copy/summary of the report findings and if necessary a copy of any actions plans.

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