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Outdoor Play

 Research tells us that outdoor spaces can offer rich, stimulating possibilities especially associated with feelings of well-being. The delights of the outdoors are among the deepest, most passionate joys of childhood. Children at Wellside access the outdoors on a daily basis, all year round. The large, enclosed nursery garden offers a wide range of opportunities and staff are skilled in delivering the curriculum outdoors as well as indoors.

The nursery at Wellside gives children first hand experiences of their environment – the weather, the changing seasons, flowers, plants and animals.

The garden is a dynamic, flexible and versatile place where the children can choose, create, change and be in charge of their play environment. It is a rich outdoor environment offering irresistible stimuli, contexts for play, exploration, talk, plenty of real experiences and contact with the natural world and with the community.

The garden is well planned to offer children the freedom to move on a large scale, to be active, noisy and messy and to use all their senses with their whole body but also provides holistic areas to allow children to be calm, reflect, share experiences with their peers and relax. Many young children relate much more strongly to learning offered outdoors rather than indoors

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